Navi: Stories of Love, Kindness and Hilarity

coming this fall

Autumn, called Navi by her many friends and followers on social media, is a caring, hilarious little girl with a sweet spirit and a whole lot of sass! People have been begging for her conversations to be compiled into a book, and here they are!

Over 100 pages of quotes, stories and pictures sure to bring you laughter.

Available as a PDF or Paperback.
Kindle edition will be available soon after publishing!

Preorders will receive a copy signed with love and crayons by Autumn, in her own 4-year old handwriting, as well as free shipping on any quantity ordered. 

How PreOrders work:

  • Buy the book now and be the first to get your copy this fall when the book is released. Shipping costs are included in the purchase price.
  • You’ll  receive an email confirmation when you order, and just before the book is released.
  • Fans who order the ebook will receive a download link in their email when the ebook is ready, fans who order the paperback book will get theirs in the mail.
  • Preorder customers get their books signed by Autumn.

Prices will increase when the book is released.